Cardiac Center Innovation Awardees


Amy Shultz, MD


Cardiac Center Feeding Tube Weaning Project
Works to create a multi-disciplinary team and clinic to help tube-wean children with congengital heart disease and improve their quality of life

Colleen Driscoll, PhD


Centered Neurodevelopmental Program for Inpatient Families
Aims to remove silos across departments and divisions to reduce healthcare disparities and provide equitable care to every child and their family


Jayant “Nick” Pratap, MB, BChir, MRCPCH, FRCA

CHD Panorama
Aims to provide guidance to families of children with CHD through the development of an application that would offer a holistic view of their hospital journey

Matthew Jolley, MD

Systemic Semilunar Valve (SSV) Mechanics and Simulated Repair in Congenital Heart Disesease
Aims to investigate SSV repair failures and explore ways to improve pre-operative repairs, reducing the risk of complications during surgery and improving success rate

Ryan Callahan, MD


Calculating Wall Shear Stress (WSS) in Pulmonary Veins of Infants Using Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMRI): A Pilot Study
Aims to screen high-risk patients for PVS and surveil known patients for restenosis, potentially guiding therapy

William Gaynor, MD

Fecal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) in the CICU
Analyzes the stool VOC profile from fecal samples collected daily to screen for early signs of NEC in the vulnerable CHD population for earlier diagnosis and treatment
Funding Started March 1, 2024

Stanley Stachelek, MD

Progression of Mitral Valve Regurgitation in the Pediatric Population
Examines the differential gene and protein expression of MVICs and assesses differential fluid flow and its influence on the expression of mechano-sensing and mechano-responsive genes
Funding Started March 1, 2024


Clinical Research

Jennifer Lynch, MD

Development and Use of Novel Neuromonitoring Devices During Neonatal Cardiac Surgery
Works to improve neuromonitoring during pediatric cardiac surgery
Started February 2023 – Received 2nd year funding approval on 2/2/2024

Matt Jolley, MD
Matt Gillespie, MD

Optimization of Patient Candidacy and Device Selection for TPVR into Native Outflow Tracts
Aims to develop and apply an image-derived, mechanics-based workflow for inserting a TCPV to patient-specific pulmonary artery models
Started February 2023 – Received 2nd year funding approval on 2/8/24

Monique Gardner, MD

Advanced Cardiac Therapies (ACT) ICU: Biorespository for Heart
Performs multi-omic molecular phenotyping on pre- and post-operative bio-samples to gain insight into novel, predictive biomarkers that may reveal mechanistic mediators to target in future interventional trials
Started May 2023


Meg Cates, DNP, RN, CCRN

Cardiac Center Acute Renal Replacement Therapy (ARRT) Core Team
Aims to reduce barriers to initation and maintenance of ARRT, support clinical decision-making and improve operational infastructure for timely and consistent ARRT delivery
Started February 2023

Laura Mercer-Rosa, MD

Implementation of the Cardiac Center Biorespository: Across the Lifespan of Children with Heart Disease
Aims to advance translational research, foster successful collaborations, facilitate external funding and support research training for fellows and junior faculty
Starting April 2023

Emmanuelle Favilla, MD

PAC3 Hearts to Home: Discharge Optimization
Aims to improve efficiency of patient discharge


Bench Research

David Frank, MD
Jonathan Rome, MD
Katsuhide Maeda, MD, PhD

Leveraging an Omics Approach for Discover of Molecular Mechanisms and Therapies for Pulmonary Vein Stenosis (PVS)
Aims to better understand PVS by identifying molecular mechanisms orchestrating disease mechanisms early on and provide novel therapies for treatment
Starting April 2022

Constantine Mavroudis, MD
William Gaynor, MD
Daniel Licht, MD
Todd Kilbaugh, MD

Mitochondrial Targeted Diagnostics and Therapeutics in a Swine Model of Cardiac Surgery and Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
Works to determine michocondrial injury impacting neurological harm and assesses the effect of cyclosporin-A on the reversal of symptoms
Starting April 2022

Betsy Goldmunts, MD
Mark Fogel, MD
Walter Wichtesey, PhD

Machine Learning of Advanced Imaging-Derived Phenotypes (IDPs) and Genomics for Clinical Outcomes Research in Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)

Uses machine learning to develop automated techniques for extraction of imaging-derived phenotypes in CHD patients and identify associations between myocaridal disease IDPs, genetic variants and outcomes
Starting April 2022

Clinical Research

Matthew Jolley, MD
Lindsay Rogers, MD
Michael Quartermain, MD
David Biko, MD
Kevine Whitehead, MD

Quantitative 3D Analysis to Inform Systemic Semilunar Valve (SSV) Repair in Children
Creates and applies semi-automatic multimodality 3D-image derived modeling tools for the visualization, quantification and planning of surgical repair in pediatric systemic semilunar valves
Just Started

Improving Clinical Care/Outcomes

Lyla Hampton, PhD
Alison Burnham, MD
Amanda Shillingford, MD

Promoting Engagement, Advocacy, and Access to Developmental Care for Families of Children with Congenital Heart Disease
Works to expand the neurodevelopment program, including educational content and family learning programs using technological advances
Starting March 2002

Translational Research

Ben Kozyak, MD
Katsuhide Maeda, MD, PhD
Jordan Raney, MD

Development of a Pulsatile Cavopulmonary Conduit Using Architected Materials and Soft Robotics
Aims to improve the Fontan circulation through creation of an electromagentic robotic system
Just Started



Aaron DeWitt, MD
Meryl Cohen, MD
Jessica Eichner, MSN, CRNP-AC
Melissa Greberman, LSW
Jennifer Hwang, MD
Felina Mille, MD
Jennifer Walter, MD, PhD
Jonathan Edelson, MD

Improving the Delivery of Serious News to Patients & Families
Implements VitalTalk training program for staff
In Process

Stephanie Fuller, MD
Lindsay Rogers, MD
Reena Gosh, MD

CHOP Cardiac Center Comprehensive Image Library
Works to create a web-based platform for sharing images, illustrations and videos
In Process

Kevin Whitehead, MD
Reena Gosh, MD
Matthe Jolley, MD
Elizabeth Silvestro, MSE

Cardiac Center 3D Imaging Collaborative
Aims to support clinical needs through expansion of 3D image modeling
In Process


Stacey Drant, MD
Maria Mascarenhas, MD
Jennifer Thorpe, MBA, RD
Michael McBride, PhD
Deborah Lefokowitz, PsyD
Jennifer Sherker, PsyD


Cardiac Center 3D Imaging Collaborative
Aims to support clinical needs through expansion of 3D image modeling
In Process

Maryam Naim, MD
Paul Stephens, MD
Jessica Eichner, MSN, CRNP
Bridget Clawson, RN


Establishment of a Cardiac Center Bereavement Team
Works to establish a program that would provide long-term support for bereaved families and educate providers on how they can help
In Process

Maully Shah, MD
Karen Smoots, MSN, RN
Michael McBride, PhD
Sharna Basu, CRNP
Daniel Freed
Marva Prince
Janis Hardill, CCT, CRAT


21st Century Technology for 21st Century Care
Works to implement OME monitoring technology for cardiac electronic implantable devices
In Process


Improving Clinical Care/Outcomes

Sherri Kubis, MSN
Amy Romer, MD
Becky Reid, BSN/CNE
Lisa Mitchell, BSN
Katie Montgomery, BSN/CNE
Stacy Peddy, MD
Amy Jo Lisanti, PhD
Kerri Lombardi, APRN, BC, MJ, MBA


21st Century Technology for 21st Century Care
Works to implement OME monitoring technology for cardiac electronic implantable devices
In Process

Patient/ Family Experience

Tamar Preminger, MD
Therese Giglia, MD
Shobha Natarjan, MD
Kate Fuller, Digital Health Advisor
Rachel Shustak, MD
Alyson Stagg, CRNP
Kylie Geddes, Sr. Improvement Advisor


CHOP TeleCardiology Program
needs more info

Maryam Naim, MD
David Hehir, MD
Benjamin Kozyak, MD
Emily Schwartz, MSN, CRNP
Amanda Seelhorst, BSN


Virtual iPad Parental Presence in Rounds
Allows family members who cannot be present at the hospital to participate remotely in patient rounds

Abby Demianczyk, PhD
Katie Price, CCLS
Melissa Greberman, LSW


Cardiac Connections: Comprehensive Social Support Programming for Cardiac Patients and Families
Created social networking activities for Cardiac Center families

Patient/Family Experience, Patient flow/efficiency/ throughput, Culture Communication

Alex Chappel, CCP, LP
Tami Rosenthal, CCP, MBA, FPP
Christy Bosler, PA-C
Lily Tayor, PA-C
Ellen Cannon, PA-C
Jill Bacher, RN
Stephanie Fuller, MD
Ramesh Kovdavatiganti, MD


Improved communication within the clinical perioperative team
Utilizing alternative EPIC tools

Patient/ Family Experience; Strateges for Improving Clinical Care/Outcomes

Natalie Bernard, BSN
Lisa Brogan, BSN
Donna Calfin, BSN
Diana Holbein, CRNP
Austin Turnbull, BSN


Cardiac Center Care Management Program: Addressing the Gap for Complex Patient Care Coordination
Created a formal clinical support program for surgical patients transitioning from hospital to home

David Hehir, MD
Emannuelle Favilla, MD
Kimberly Lin, MD
Alyson Stagg, CRNP
Therese Giglia, MD
Katie Dodds, CRNP
Amanda Shillingford, MD
Victoria Vetter, MD
Bimal Desai, AVP, CHQA
Daria Ferrro, DBHi


A Universal App for Cardiac Center Care Coordination
Aims to create an app for clinical follow-up, patient education and communication with clinical staff post-hospitlization
In Review Process with IT/EPIC


Bench Research

David Frank, MD


Maromolecular Prodrug Targeting of Pulmonary Vasculopathy in Pulmonary Hypertension
Develops new treatments for pulmonary hypertension

Clinical Research

Matt Jolley, MD


Quantitative 3D Analysis to Inform Tricuspid Valve Repair in HLHS
Works to improve surgical and interventional outcomes for valve repair in single ventricle patients through development of new imaging techniques

Andy Glatz, MD


The von Willebrand Factor-Angiopoietin Axis and Abnormal Angiogenesis in Single Ventricle Disease: Mechanistic Relationships and Potential Target for Novel Therapy
Works to better understand the causes of abnormal blood vessel development in and create novel therapies for congenital heart patients with single ventricle disorders